a few words from my students...
  • Thank you so much for a truly wonderful day today. The class was so interesting and manageable.


  • I absolutely loved today's workshop!  I feel empowered and liberated, and am looking forward to incorporating the "what if" technique into future quilting projects.

  • Thank you for freeing me from the tunnel vision of traditional blocks, straight seams and my personal lifelong arch-enemy, the color wheel. 

  • Thank you so much for your encouragement.  I couldn't have imagined or expected the following three abstractions without your class.

  • I love the "what if?" concept.   It's easy to make a small tweak to an idea or to something you've seen. But to LEAP out of the box into the totally unknown is quite another thing.   You've shown us the power of doing so.

  • She is a free spirit. Encouraged us to do our own thing but willing to explain why it worked or not.

  • It was so fun!!